Our main products

Our main products are:

  • Mini Crosser M, a series of electrical scooters for walking impaired people who can still use one hand.
  • Mini Crosser M Cabin, offers more freedom in all weather.
  • Mini Crosser M-Joystick, which combines the best characteristics of a scooter and a wheelchair.
  • Mini Crosser E, a series of electrical scooters for light use.
  • MC Concept chair, a series of electric wheelchairs for use indoor and outdoor.

Mini Crosser M and MC Concept chair differ from competitive products by the large selection of accessories.If desired, special equipment can be customised and produced on the customer's request fulfilling European regulations. Our seat assortment is outstanding in size, quality and ergonomic design. Seats can be made to measure, too.

If you are interested in specific details about our products please contact your local dealer.

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Customer service
If you have questions or wish to contact us, you are welcome to call us at
tel: + 45 70 10 17 55 or
e-mail to info@minicrosser.com



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