»Hatching out by a duck pond doesn’t matter if you come from a swan’s egg…«

Medema Group A/S (also known as Mini Crosser A/S) has since 1981 manufactured electrical scooters and wheelchairs for elderly and disabled people.

It is our vision to supply walking impaired people with solutions so they can live an active and social life, independent of external help if possible.

Since 1981, Mini Crosser has been producing electric scooters and wheelchairs for the elderly and the disabled. Mini Crosser’s vision is to offer solutions for those whose walking is impaired, thus enabling them to maintain an active and social life without being dependent on other people.

The Mini Crosser boasts a smart design, impeccable maneuverability and a powerful motor. Due to its powerful motor, the Mini Crosser has become very popular in regions/countries with steep slopes and hills. Even ice and snow cannot stop these all-terrain vehicles as the Mini Crosser is also available with studded tyres. Over the years, the people behind the Mini Crosser have acquired the knowledge and expertise necessary to ensure maximum pleasure and benefit for the users of their electric scooter or wheelchair.

When standard solutions, supplemented by our wide range of accessories, are not enough, special adaptations are possible and are made in close consultation with technical aid centres, institutions and organisations for the disabled. There are around 20 models in the current Mini Crosser range, plus a wide selection of life-enhancing accessories.
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