Mini Crosser Cabin


  • Suspension - Unique adjustable suspension.
  • Wheels - Bigger wheels.
  • Mileage - the possibility for different mileage up to 80 km at 115 Ah batteries, easy to change.
  • Handbrake operating on rear wheels, the new standard in safety.
  • New seat post - Seat Height adjustable without tools.
  • Increased user weight - up to 175 kg in the standard version.
  • New lights and indicators - light emitting diode (LED) - maintenance free.
  • Possibility to have a seat width of 55 cm, without armrests.
  • Height of seat edge to roof 980 mm.
  • Description

    Mini Crosser Cabin
    Mini Crosser has designet a smart and elegant CABIN with built in heating system and windscreen wiper. The Mini Crosser is individually made for your own personal requirements. At Mini Crosser we care about the enviroment. Our products are made of materials that can be recycled. Further the materials have a long service life.

    The 4-wheel-M models - also the MaxX and MJ-version - are also available with a cabin. With the cabin you are always warm and dry throughout the year. It protects you against the weather elements. As an option you will get the cabin with a heater, so even in winter time you can get outside. Standard the cabin is equipped with electric wiper- and washer. The windows in the side doors can be opened for fresh air, and the doors are lockable.

    The cabin is particularly well suited for people with impaired lung and respiratory function disabilities.

    The Mini Crosser Cabin is characterized by good space, and a low noise level. The view out of the cabin is good due to the large windows, but the cabin can be equipped with a back camera (accessory) for a better view when driving backwards. In summertime the doors can be taken off and stored. The large front and back windows, is scratch resistant safety glass.
  • Technique