Mini Crosser MaxX

  • Description

    Mini Crosser MaxX
    Mini Crosser MAXx is designed to move you safely and comfortably - and even a joyride cross-country
    Two powerful motors, a robust design, four rugged wheels, a wide, swivelling seat and not least comfortable suspension give the optimum in pleasure and freedom of movement.

    Mini Crosser MaxX is designed for users up to 250 kg.
  • Technique

    Mini Crosser MaxX
    MINI CROSSER MaxX 4-wheeler
    Length 140 cm
    Width 68 cm
    Ground clearance 8 cm
    Seat height from footrest 45-53 cm
    Tyre pressure front/rear 2.8 bar
    Max. speed, forward 10 km/h
    Max. speed, reverse 4 km/h
    Max. climbing capacity, forward 15/26%
    Battery capacity 80 Ah c20/24V
    Max. kerb height 12 cm
    Max. driving distance, terrain 30 km
    Weight with 2 batteries, seat 195 kg
    Turning radius 127 cm
    Max. user weight 250 kg